Visiting the Distillery

Visiting the Distillery

Visiting the distillery. Updated November 2021

We can only run a limited number of tours at present, and these are strictly by appointment only. For more information, please get in touch with the distillery on 01807 500331.

Electric Vehicle Charge Point

As part of our continued efforts to remain as sustainable as possible, we have installed two Electric Vehicle charge points. These are currently free to use and are available to guests who visit either the distillery or the Golf Course behind us.

Our 22kW, dual-outlet, fast charging point will allow users to get a significant charge while spending time here so, if you are using an Electric Vehicle to get about, we are very happy for you to ‘fill up’ while you are here.’


Electric vehicle charge points

The dining room.

Filling the casks.

Colin measuring spirit strength

Taking the washback dip.

Using the plumper to take a sample from one of the 4 wooden washbacks.

Traditional warehouse labelling.

Stencilling the casks.

The pot stills

Barrels in warehouse 1.

The Entrance Hall.

The mash tun.

The mash tun

Using the plumper to take a sample from one of the washbacks.

Pot still

The Spirit Safe

The Spirit Safe

The waterwheel.

The worm tub.

Colin Poppy inspecting the mash tun.

The Family Room

The Family Room

Long Gallery Nosing